Friday, November 22, 2013

The Story of a Big Boy, his Gums, and his Mother.

Once upon a time in a land  far, far away lived a woman and her son. This land was so far away that you would have to travel all the way around the earth to find it ending in your own back yard. Now this son was a very big boy. Even though he was only a teenager, he was about 6' 4" and weighed around a very healthy 300 lbs.

One day Big Boy's mouth began to hurt and his dentist said "You need to have your wisdom teeth removed." So the mother took her son to the dentist and he gave the Big Boy some medicine so that he wouldn't feel a thing. The dentist took out the teeth that were hurting the Big Boy's mouth and sent him home with his mother.

But his mother did not take him home! Instead, she took him shopping. While she happily walked around a store looking at lovely pictures, elegant glass vases, and delicate colored paint, the medicine that the dentist gave Big Boy was starting to fade out—and after that, his gums began to bleed.

With his mouth filling up with blood, his mother felt badly for him and took him with her into the women's restroom to help him clean his mouth. That is when Big Boy got sick. For a long time, no other woman could visit the women's restroom as the poor, sick, hurting Big Boy spat his blood all over the sink, the mirrors, the toilets, the stalls, and the floor. Finally, the mother did leave the store to take Big Boy home so that he could sleep and feel better soon.

I think, boys and girls, that the moral of this tale speaks for itself, but just in case you missed it:


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