Monday, February 17, 2014

Not a Daycare.

(Note: I wasn't going to write about this incident, because  it could have just been a mistake. Parenting is hard, and God knows everyone just needs a hand every now and then. Sometimes when we are stressed we don't make the best decisions. It wasn't until the woman called the store back I felt safe to say "Yup, you aren't playing with a full deck right now are you?" Hence this post.)

My Assistant Manager answered the phone to find a woman crying on the other end. "Oh! Can I help you?"

"I am calling to complain about your cashiers. I just left your store a few minutes ago and I did NOT feel welcomed" ,was her choked reply. "They were so rude to me!"

"I am so sorry, what happened exactly?"

"I was in the middle of my purchase, and suddenly my four year old had to go the bathroom. So I had to take her! I told the cashier we would be right back and I left."

"Well, that shouldn't have been a problem, we can suspend the transaction and pick back up right were you left off. She was rude about this?"

"Well...(snif) she said something about the babies and the shopping cart, and I just didn't appreciate it."

"Um, babies Ma'am?"

"I also have a two year old and a six month old. They were in their seats and sitting just fine. We came right back."

"So you left your children at the register?"

"Well I couldn't take the cart with me into the restroom!"

"Well—that is true, but couldn't you have take your children out of the cart and into the bathroom with you?"

"No! That car-seat is heavy and bulky. I had to leave it in the shopping cart, and someone might have stolen it if it was just sitting there."

"Okay Ma'am, I am not trying to be rude here but I need to understand you. You were afraid someone might steal a car-seat, but not your child in it? So you left two infants unattended in our store?"

The woman's tone sharpened "See? This is what I am talking about! I don't appreciate these implications!"

"I am not going to imply anything Ma'am, I am just going to tell you we are not responsible for your children. Please do not leave them unattended in our store."

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