Monday, July 15, 2013

Dirty Money

I am profoundly amazed at what some women can store in their bra. It stuns me not only that they do it, but that they feel comfortable digging around for that "other bill" while we all watch. For the record, nobody wants to touch your wadded up, sweaty, rank body smelling bills. Allow me to show you our pocketbook collection here...


  1. Sweaty, smelly, crunched up and un-flattenable.
    I always put them way at the bottom of my register and refused to touch anything till I had washed my hands.

    We called her "bra-money-lady," noticed when she came in, and laughed at whomever got to 'serve' her.
    Seriously.... how hard is it to carry a bag? You take your groceries out in one!!