Friday, July 19, 2013

She may be a Nag but...

Customer on the phone: "Can you hold one of your straw wreaths for me? I don't have time to pick it up tonight but I will be there tomorrow and I'll get it then."

My Manager: "I'm sorry Ma'am, but it is a store policy we cannot hold merchandise overnight. Fortunately we have plenty in stock and when you stop by tomorrow you should be just fine."

Customer: "So you are telling me you can't hold one—just ONE straw wreath for me?"

Manager: "I'm sorry Ma'am but there are plenty—"

Customer: "Oh that's just fine!  Never mind then. I'll tell my 86 year old grandmother she won't be getting her dinner on time then! Thanks a lot." (click)

Me: "So— I'm confused. Was she planning on feeding the wreath to her grandmother?"


  1. *snort* Gotta love some people's logic. Not too bright, eh? LOL

  2. Guess she's delaying Grandma's dinner to go pick up the wreath immediately? Must have been a super important wreath!