Friday, February 7, 2014

Actually, the Baby Talk was Preferable


It could pass for signing I suppose. The little girl was sitting on the floor next to her mother, loudly belting out nonsensical words like only a four or five year old can properly enjoy. Mom had reached that Nervana like state where it was all background noise. She was shopping for wall art and the child was still, so therefor she didn't need to be actually paying attention.

"WaaaddaaDDDAD BEEEBEE!!!" The toddler suddenly sang loudly.

"English please." Her mother halfheartedly said from behind the stacks of posters she was immersed in.

"Haha. I WUZ tawkin Egwish!" the child said proudly, "An I said 'he has a cat on his F*%#in' head!'"

Leave it to a child.

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