Monday, February 3, 2014

Subtle Scissor Sister

"There is a little lady in the store—" my Assistant Manager said to me, "I want you to keep an eye on."

"Let me guess, her head is covered in a dark blue turban/shower-cap thingy, she has a denim skirt and wearing black knee-high stockings?"

"Um..yes? What did she do already?"

"Nothing, other than talking out load to nobody as she entered the store."

"Well she made a point of jumping out of the isle and starting a conversation with me. She is watching the employees."

A major indication you have a shoplifter in the store is when a person keeps watching employees. Regular shoppers are there for the merchandise, and don't make it a point to keep an eye on store personnel. A person who seems more interested in us and our movements than product is automatically suspicious.

"Look, keep working on your project here," she told me, "but try to keep an eye out for her too ok? I'll tell the others."


Ten minutes later I found my Assistant-Manager livid. "Well, I guess we all didn't keep a good enough eye on her. I have someone personally 'assisting her' now!"

"Something happened?"

"The scissors from the fabric desk are missing."

"Oh no."

"Oh Yes! And so are some nice chunks of fabric that have been randomly cut out of bolts." 

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